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Welcome kiwis to Casino Maxi! This is your home to all things casino related and inside these pages, you will find nothing but the best information on all of the online casinos New Zealand has to offer in 2022. We have scoured the internet in search of the best bonuses and the best online casinos just to bring you the pinnacle of quality, up-to-date info so you can make the most of your gaming time and money.
Also, we present you with articles about some of the best gaming tips we have found through our many hours of research and experience. Next, we included plenty of top lists that are keen on the best features, games, bonuses, online casinos, and much more. What this all boils down to is that we bring to all you kiwis everything you could ever want to know about anything and everything gaming related to try and give you the upper hand in all your gambling endeavors.

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On Casino Maxi you will find the best top lists that we have compiled all based on the many distinct aspects of the gaming industry and the online gaming community. You will find the results from many strenuous hours of research and what our staff has learned from all of our combined gaming experiences. Together, we average a decade each of online gaming experience, and we put all that knowledge to work within this section to bring you top lists of everything important to know when it comes to gaming.

There are topics covered within these pages of on all the gaming things all gamers are keen on; like the top welcome bonuses, deposit bonuses, free spin giveaways, best new slot games being released in 2022 or already released, best online casinos New Zealand has to offer, the biggest jackpots paid out from various places, and so much more. We cover so much on so many distinct topics that you will just have to check it all out for yourself if you want to learn all the incredible information inside. Much of this info is the stuff that we wish someone would have told us about before we began playing our many diverse types of gaming sessions.

That is the point of Casino Maxi; to empower you with the best gaming info, including top lists, that will give you that competitive edge over the house whenever possible.

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What we have done here within these pages is to make them chockablock with information on everything online casinos in NZ have to offer. This includes tons of info on the games, the bonuses, and the casinos themselves. We put all this together after hundreds of hours of research and thousands of hours of our gaming sessions to try things out for ourselves and to find all the best of the best for each of these categories.

The reason for Casino Maxi to exists is simply because we are keen about gaming and want to share everything we have learned with new and experienced gamers from all over New Zealand in 2022. We want to try and give all of you that edge over the house by providing you the most useful information. This is because we know that arming you with valuable information can make the difference between you coming out ahead or taking a piss on any gaming session.

Since we do not want any of you to have a mare gaming experience, we provide you with only the best and most important information that we could find on any given topic. Using the material we have put together for you, we sincerely believe that you will be good as gold in your next gaming session, or at least have a much better chance at coming out way on top. The details we provide within these pages are all meant to add to your value as a punter and we hope you will use it as thus.

We spent a lot of our valuable time, energy, and NZD learning all of this data to report back to you with nothing but the utmost intelligence that will help you along your gaming journey. Wherever that journey may lead you, we just wish for you to be as successful in your gaming as you can be, and we strive to provide all the needed info to get you to the most successful point of your gaming career.