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The game of blackjack offers a unique aspect to strategic card game betting approaches. This is because of the many ways you can apply your chosen technique to the game in live tables with other players’ decisions potentially affecting your next betting choice. This is rather unique to blackjack but may seem familiar to many of you because of the standard betting procedures that take place like the clockwise rotation of the bets being placed.

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Blackjack offers high-speed action that keeps coming at you hand after hand. For those who think they are true card sharks, they will try to keep a count on the cards like the Rainman could do, but this is exceedingly and exponentially more difficult to manage than it may sound. Keeping track of every single card that gets played and the value of each one while still keeping track of where you stand individually and taking action on your specific hand at the same time makes it near impossible to do. That will not stop players from trying and if you think you have a shot, a plan, or an alternative method of following a game of blackjack over numerous hands by all means, try it and let us know how it went.

For all the other average players, blackjack offers an escape from the high pressures of poker and the mindlessness of pokies. It is that perfect medium of action and steady ability to follow along on the highest level with a minimal amount of effort that provides both novice and expert players plenty to learn, try out, or apply to their betting strategies for the game. You can have a preset standard that you follow religiously and see if you can play the odds in your favor as much as possible.

You will just have to hope that the cards go your way, or you can alter your bets by what you think they have played and what they have left in the deck to be shown on the next card to be drawn. Either strategy offers its advantages and disadvantages, so you will just have to make your choice of techniques and try to stick with it because doing so will offer your best bet at staying above the house’s edge over you.

History of Blackjack

The history of how blackjack came to be and progressed to where it is available to play on your cell phone anywhere at any time of the day or night is interesting. While the exact source of the game is unknown, it is said that the Romans were the first to play the game by using wooden blocks with numbers painted on one side. Although, the only verified historical record of the game goes back to about the year 1700 with the French. They played a game that they called “Vingt-et-Un” which was the basis for what later became the blackjack we know. Translated that name is “21” and that is the name it had when it came to America, where it gained popularity rather quickly.

As 21 spread over the years, it made a landing around 1931 when Las Vegas, Nevada, first became a gambling Mecca. Here it changed to the name Blackjack because some casinos offered a particular bet offer that was designed to draw in new players to this soon to be American favorite for card games. That bet was that either of the black Jacks in the deck along with the Ace of Spades making up a hand would pay 10 to 1 odds to the player holding it. Thus, Blackjack was born and became a worldwide-known card game that is the favorite for millions of people.

Betting Tips for Blackjack

There are as many betting strategies to Blackjack as there are players who play it. Everyone plays it their own way, but some general betting strategies pay off more than others. You should know ahead of time what you are going to do in most situations and then stick to your plan. Knowing when you are going to double down, split, hit, or stay for each hand they give you versus what the dealer is showing is imperative. If you do not have a plan, then you will make simple mistakes that you will later kick yourself for.

So, our biggest tip to you is to plan out a strategy and stick to it religiously. Even when the plan fails you, in the long run, an excellent strategy will provide better results than just playing everything by ear. That is unless you are some fortune-teller or psychic who can know what cards are to be dealt next and what the dealer has hidden too. If you have these magical powers then, by all means, go right ahead and wing it. For us mere mortal kiwis, however, we need to establish a game plan and execute flawlessly to put on a professional performance for playing Blackjack.