Casino Welcome Bonus

Understand and Get the Best Casino Welcome Bonus

With online casino gaming, nothing is better or counts for more towards a casino’s original and lasting reputation than what they offer for their welcome bonuses. These bonuses can be lucrative for new players to take advantage of and is the reason that many kiwis are always on the hunt for that next great online casino welcome bonus. That is where we at Casino Maxi step in and fulfill our promise of excellence.

150% Up To NZ$200
100% Up To NZ$1000
100% Up To NZ$1600
$100 Welcome Bonus + 70 Free Spins
100% Up To NZ$1000
100% Up To NZ$1200
$600 Welcome Bonus + 200 Free Spins
100% Up To NZ$350

All of us at Casino Maxi are constantly on the search for that next spectacular welcome bonus offering for one of the many new online casinos that keep sprouting up all over the place. However, we always do extensive and thorough research into each new casino with an impressive welcome bonus offering. We take the time to ensure that the casinos we suggest or promote are only the highest quality casinos on the internet.

These casinos have to pass our comprehensive electronic interview process before we ever post there name anywhere on our site, except our casino Blacklist of the worst casinos that you should never trust for anything, but other than that one caveat we make sure that all the online casino names you see appear here on Casino Maxi are the finest there is available.

They have to be trustworthy by being licensed through the proper authorities. They have to be randomly and regularly inspected by independent third parties to ensure safe, fair, and honest gaming practices. They have to have a great customer service that responds to inquiries within a reasonable amount of time and actually can help resolve player issues quickly and to the point of full customer satisfaction. They cannot have any major incident reports or complaints filed against them. They also must have a comprehensive list of payment options for both deposit and withdrawal. If they have won awards, then we make note of the awards won because some are real awards and some are made up ones that do not exist or come from untrustworthy sources.

If a casino passes our rigorous background investigation and interrogation, then we will confidently display their exceptional welcome bonuses for all you kiwis looking to make their dollars stretch further or get some freebies from their next online casino. Just make sure you check out the wagering requirements for each one before signing up and fulfilling your end of the deal to get the welcome bonus.

How Online Casino Welcome Bonuses Work

The online casino welcome bonus is one of the most attractive aspects of the industry. The promotion of each new site to pop up can mean huge paying bonuses with lots of freebies and chances to win tremendous prizes for every new player to sign up for gaming on that site. Pretty much every single online casino offers some welcome bonus, and some are much larger than others.

The way these bonuses work is that once you fill out the forms to create an account, you often have to then make your first deposit that covers a minimum amount. Typically, that minimum deposit amount is around $50NZ to $100NZ. Once that deposit is covered, then the casino will add in their matching amount if it is a match deposit, give you the set amount if that’s what the bonus includes, and/or you will be given your free entries to raffles/lotteries, your free spins, and all the other aspects that drew you into that casino in the first place.

Then, after you have received your bonuses, you can begin working on fulfilling the wagering requirement by playing different games in the casino’s library of game titles. Remember that some games may account for more or less towards your wagering requirement and you need to know which games are going to help you clear your funds for withdrawal and which ones you will just be playing for your own enjoyment and nothing else while keeping in mind that you have to clear the requirement before you can take out any winnings you may have earned through these non-counting games in that online casino.

This is how these welcome bonuses work and you need to pay attention to the details on all the fabulous welcome bonuses you see and learn to recognize a terrific welcome bonus when you see it. Or, you can simply follow our thoroughly inspected and researched welcome bonuses that are for casinos we here at Casino Maxi have checked out and approved of them enough to recommend them to all of you, our favorite kiwis.

We promise to only bring you the best of the best, the cream of the crop, the finest of the fine, and all the other extraordinary titles that the greatest online casinos earn before we provide you with their name and site information. So, that means if you see a wonderful welcome bonus here on Casino Maxi you can trust and believe that it is connected to a reputable casino plus it must have at least decent aspects/details included in the welcome bonus offer.

Wagering Requirements Involved

The wagering requirement required for each welcome bonus that gives away free money or matches your deposits is different every time. Typically, a good wagering requirement is 25 – 30 times the bonus bankroll amount. What a wager requirement means is that you need to wager that much money before you can ever make any withdrawal from your online casino account.

Also, pay close attention to what games account for what percentage of the wagering requirement. Sometimes pokies/slots will count 100% of all bets wagered towards fulfilling the requirement, while other games like Blackjack can only count for 50% or even 20% of the wagering requirement. Finally, there may even be some games that only account for 10%, 5%, or even 0% of the required wagering amount you need to fulfill to remove your cash from the casino.

If you play through that much money and have won enough money through payouts on various games to fulfill the requirement, then your funds are released, and able to play with or pull out of the casino as you wish. It is important to check on the amount because sometimes casinos that offer a welcome bonus that seems too good to be true, then it just may be that. They may require some ridiculous wagering requirement so all that free money means nothing because it will all get lost as you wager on games trying to fulfill it unless you hit some huge payouts to keep you going and in the game with plenty of money.

For the average play session, a 30 times wager requirement is potentially tough but very doable and is a significant rule of thumb of a decent wagering requirement. IF the bonus is good enough, then up to a 50 times wager requirement may be worthwhile. Anything higher than that will have to be an extraordinary welcome bonus to make our recommendations here at Casino Maxi, but keep an eye out for these caveats to all welcome bonuses and make sure you know the specifics before committing yourself or especially before depositing your hard-earned money to one of these online casinos.

Advantages of Using Welcome Bonuses

Some of the advantages of utilizing a marvelous welcome bonus are:

  • It gives you the opportunity to play through some games learning curves while using free money instead of losing your hard-earned money by making dumb rookie mistakes that could easily have been avoided after even a small amount of experience of playing that game.
  • You may get other freebies than just bonus bankroll through free money or deposit matches. Besides these things, you could get numerous free spins on a new pokie which that casino is trying to promote for a variety of reasons. Also, you could get things like a sizeable amount of loyalty rewards points that you would otherwise have to grind out and earn by placing thousands of wagers on various games to achieve the same amount of points. We can use these points on all kinds of things like freebie swag giveaways, they may offer you the ability to trade those points for chunks of free bankroll (sometimes with wagering requirements sometimes without), or many other types of bonuses.
  • These online casinos may offer you things like several lottery or raffle entries to get things like all expenses paid trips to some sister brick and mortar casino somewhere in the world for you to visit and gamble at with some pocket money that they also provide. Sometimes these trips include huge presidential suites, meals at famous local restaurants near the casino they send you to visit, or even dinner and a show at some live performance like a band or theatre group. They could even give away promotional tickets for things like an upcoming fighting event at that casino. No matter what the casino gives away in these raffles and lotteries, and paid vacations are just the beginning, they are often well worth the sign-up process to get entries into these contests.