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About Us

We created this site here at Casino Maxi to bring all you kiwis the best information out there on all the best online casinos, games, bonuses, and every other aspect of online gaming. We have spent hundreds of hours scouring the internet searching and researching for the greatest there is available so we could bring you all the information that we wish someone would have provided for us to begin or continue our individual gaming careers.

All of us are players who want nothing more than to provide the most up to date and important information on all things gaming related. We strive for excellence and achieve this goal in every aspect of what we do here at Casino Maxi. Our team is comprised of all experts in the gaming industry with tens of thousands of hours of online gaming experience between us. We are all part of the online casino industry in New Zealand and specialize in casinos tailored to New Zealanders first and foremost.

We also provide all the most reliable information because we have spent so much of our time scouring the internet for that information from trustworthy sources ourselves. The reason we spent so much of our time to do this just for you, is that we want you to pick the most incredible online casino to have your next gaming session on and refer you to all the best sites, games, bonuses, and everything else that we can find to bring you information on. We are in the business of providing dependable answers to every online casino related question you may have or find that you need to know before, during, or after your gaming sessions.

If you follow our suggestions, then we ensure that your next online casino choice is going to be one of the best decisions you have ever made in your gaming career. That is what we seek to provide you with and pride ourselves because we do everything that we wish was done for us then turn around and give away that information to all you kiwi friends of ours.

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We hope and deeply desire to have answered all of your questions about gaming in online casinos. If we somehow missed something that you would have liked us to have researched for you or find yourself with a question that the Casino Maxi website does not answer for you, then please feel free to contact us and express these concerns. We take all criticism and suggestions to heart and will do everything in our power to solve an issue you raise with us. If you need to contact us, then here is the information to do so: