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Here at Casino Maxi, we have managed to put together material on all the best online casinos New Zealand has to offer, and we present that info to you in the easiest to follow format. Included in these pages are all the intelligence you need to make the most of your gaming time and NZD by only gaming on the best online casinos. Those are the online casinos NZ has that have the best bonuses, deals, perks, loyalty programs, and anything else that gives you a better return on your time and money.

We only pick the best of the best, the cream of the crop, the pinnacle of perfection when it comes to the online casinos we present to you. The way we go about deciding who cuts is a mix of who has the best game selection, best bonuses, great customer care services, deposit and withdrawal options, and the best customer reviews/ratings combined with the fewest complaints against them. This intersection of characteristics is what makes each online casino unique.


100% Up To NZ$1000
150% Up To NZ$200
$100 Welcome Bonus + 70 Free Spins
100% Up To NZ$1600
100% Up To NZ$1000
100% Up To NZ$1200
$600 Welcome Bonus + 200 Free Spins
100% Up To NZ$350

The way we weigh out who to present to all you kiwis includes looking at aspects like who is currently offering humongous welcome bonuses, a plethora of free spins, and many other freebies. Couple that with the New Zealand online casinos that have many ways for you to deposit funds, withdraw funds, and get ahold of customer service representatives, and you get a great casino worth being recommended and covered by us here at Casino Maxi.

 You will find nothing but the best here on this site and we continue to provide up-to-date info on each of the greatest online casinos NZ has available. We give you this information so that you will be able to take advantage of all the amazingly great deals, huge free offerings, best of the best bonuses, and much more, while it is still available. We are keen on providing you with quality material for helping you meet your gaming appetites using the peak of performance-based online casinos. 

How to Pick Your Next Online Casino

When you go looking for those choice deals for the best online casino welcome bonus with plenty of free spins, then there are a few things you should check out about the casino before making your first deposit. The first of these aspects to look at is what are the terms of the welcome bonus? Do you get a matched deposit percentage (usually his percentage is 50%, 75%, 80%, 90%, or the most commonly used is 100%)?

As you can see, the terms of your online casino welcome bonus are very important and you should know them inside and out and front to back before committing yourself by making a deposit. We here at Casino Maxi will work diligently to let you know the important terms before we recommend any kind of welcome bonus offer for you to take advantage of. Although, this is only the welcome bonus aspect of picking a mean online casino. So, what other aspects are important to look at before picking a really choice online casino to game on?

Well, for starters you should make sure that you can reach them easily through their customer service methods. For example, if it is a phone number to call, then you need to make sure its toll-free or at least a number you will not be charged anything to call should you need some help; this cost analysis should always include international calling fees too. Many online casinos have live chat options nowadays, so you should do a quick trial run to make sure your software or firmware is compatible with there services. Just make sure that you can reach someone in the case an issue arises because nothing is more frustrating than having a simple problem that you can get fixed simply and quickly.