Casino Blacklist New Zealand

Make sure your casino is legit

There are some casinos that make up a particular list called the blacklist. A casino blacklist is a collection of casinos that are not meant to be operating in New Zealand due to not having the correct license to do so. There are more casinos on this list than you might think, and you wouldn’t know which ones are and which ones aren’t completely legitimate without checking in on our blacklist that we have created to warn you before you connect to a casino that is illegal or that is less than legal. There are no protections in place for your money should anything happen when you game at a casino on the blacklist, and you have no route to submit grievances to report a bad casino practice or theft of your bankroll.

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You can avoid unsavory practices, altered games, and many other issues that these despicable online casinos try to do to you by checking out our Casino Maxi blacklist and see if the casino you want to use or are currently using makes an appearance and for what reason. It will save you plenty of headaches and NZDs as well if you simply follow our suggestions for great casinos and keep an eye on our online casino blacklist. There are some unsavory characters in the gaming world, unfortunately, that try to take advantage of gamers’ willingness to trust an online entity with their money and you need to protect yourself. We at Casino Maxi promise to do our due diligence and immediately report a bad actor in the online casino world to our blacklist here for you to stay informed of any problems. That way you can game with confidence and make safer decisions when it comes to gaming with new casinos and taking advantage of all the great sign up bonuses that legitimate online casinos offer on a regular basis.

To recap, if any online casino operates illegally, unlicensed, or has any bad business practices, then we will report them to you here on the Casino Maxi blacklist. Keep an eye out and if you question an online casino or have a problem with one then feel free to communicate that with us so we can save others from encountering a problem while gaming.

Why you should avoid these casinos

You should avoid all the online casinos on our blacklist for a few reasons. First of all, it will save you money. These less than honest casinos sometimes confiscate your deposits or winnings and you will never be able to withdraw the money you put into an account with them. This is the top reason why these casinos have been blacklisted and if you see one on our list, then you should avoid it at all costs and never deposit money or even create an account with them.

This leads us to our second reason why you should avoid any casino that appears on our blacklist and that is because they can or will spam you to no end. Your inbox will be stuffed full of spam mail and they do not stop sending the mail sometimes. They even switch up the address from which they send the spam mail so you cannot simply block them. These abhorrent online casinos an endless number of email addresses and will continue to spam you until you feel like giving up on that email address, but this can easily be avoided. All you need to do is check our blacklist before signing up for any new online casino just to make sure that they have not made an appearance on our blacklist for any reason.

Finally, another reason to avoid these blacklisted online casinos, but certainly not the last, is that they can infect your computer with malware of various kinds. Everything from viruses to ransomware can be sneaking into your devices when you connect to these unlicensed, illegal, less than legal, or otherwise disreputable online casinos. You never want to be faced with the task of finding all the hidden tentacles and arms of this malware software once it infects your device or PC. This can be avoided. Just take a quick look at our list regularly as we will update the blacklist anytime a new corrupt online casino is brought to our attention. So, the Casino Maxi blacklist will be another form of security and another layer of protection you can utilize to game safely and take full advantage of all the wonderful and reputable online casinos that are out there offering amazing new player bonuses.