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When you want to begin gaming there is one major aspect that can sometimes be a hurdle or barrier to playing what and when you want, and that is payment methods. Not every casino accepts every type of payment, so you may need to do a little searching to find a casino that allows you to use your preferred method of payment. That is why we created this page for all you kiwis; to make it easier for you to find a casino that accepts the type of payment you want to use and to understand the benefits and costs associated with using that payment method. For this example, we are looking at the payment method of Mastercard.

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Using Mastercard is simple, secure, and fully insured for every transaction you make and balance you hold. They even have a Zero Liability policy that ensures you will never pay a penny for any transactions that you did not authorize on your Mastercard account. Also, they have been in business since 1966 and in the time since then they have taken over the financial world and become one of the top 3 financial entities in the world.

They operate in over 200 countries and work with an enormous number of different types of currency. Plus, their service works with millions of retailers in both physical locations and the virtual world too. So, it is no wonder that Mastercard is accepted by nearly any online casino you may choose to game with.

To obtain a Mastercard account you will need to talk to your regular bank or other financial institution you have an account with that works with them. This is because the credit and debit card account options that are provided by Mastercard take some verification of your identity and often require a credit check to be approved. But, if you do not have the greatest credit, don’t worry because there are prepaid debit card options with Mastercard that you can obtain easily and without any kind of background check being performed.

Along with prepaid Mastercard account options, there are even Mastercard gift cards that you can buy at local retailers of various types like grocery stores, supermarkets, petrol stations, and more. With the different prepaid and gift card options, you can simply turn your cash into an account balance on a Mastercard account and then use that balance to fund a deposit to your chosen online casino. Once you transfer the funds, they will appear immediately in your online casino bankroll and you can begin gaming with them right away.

As you can now see, Mastercard is one of the premier financial funding options for all kinds of transactions, and filling up an online casino account balance through deposit is no different. It is the chosen method of many online casinos and gamers alike due to the speed, security, and simplicity of using a Mastercard account to make your deposit.

Depositing with MasterCard

To make a deposit using a Mastercard account you first need to have an open Mastercard account to use. The way to obtain one of these is to simply talk to your financial institution and request a debit or credit card under the Mastercard financial umbrella of options. Also, you can obtain one of these accounts by signing up online for one of their prepaid card accounts and get a card mailed to you with your name on it that you fill by using cash at set locations that will take your cash in exchange for added balance to your account, or even buy Mastercard gift cards to have a card number with a value that you can use to fund a deposit for an online casino.

Once you have gotten your hands on a Mastercard account and the physical card that goes along with it, you can easily use this to fund your online casino bankroll by visiting the casino’s payment/deposit page and choosing the Mastercard option from the menu. After you do this you will be presented with a page that asks for your card number, expiration date, the CVC code on the rear of the card, and the amount of money you wish to add to your online casino account. Then, when you have filled in all of this info you just need to click the “OK” or “Process” button on the bottom of the page to send your request through and process the deposit.

Your funds, if approved, will appear instantaneously in your online casino account balance and you can begin using them to game with right away.

Withdrawing with MasterCard

To withdraw your winnings or general account balance from an online casino into your Mastercard account you will need to request the withdrawal through the casino and then provide the details of your account such as the card or account number, your name, and any other info they request to verify who you are and that the Mastercard account belongs to you. Plus, they may ask you to verify in some way that you are in a country where gambling online is legal before they process your withdrawal request.

This is just because Mastercard does everything by the book and follows all local and international financial laws and regulations. This is great for you because it means that everything you do using a Mastercard account is insured and has plenty of protections associated with it, but you will need to verify for some online casinos that you are in a jurisdiction where you are allowed to be gaming before Mastercard will accept funds from that online casino entity.