New Casinos in New Zealand

Finding the latest and best online casinos

Here at Casino Maxi, we are constantly on the hunt for the latest and greatest online casino release. We are always on the case looking for the newest casinos to pop up and then we take the time to do all the background information research to make sure that everything is on the up and up before we present these to you here on our pages. We rigorously review every aspect of each new online casino to be released for all kiwi gamers to play on. Then, we check out every part of the site to make sure that everything works properly.

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We look at things like the customer service chat or response time for email, for example, before we ever approve a new site to appear on our recommendations and top lists here for you to try out for yourself. We take the time and expend the energy so that you never have to. You can trust that what you see on Casino Maxi has passed an extensive background check and that each has been proven to use to be a solid operation for an online casino. We will never promote anything but the best online casinos that we have thoroughly reviewed before approving for all you kiwi gamers to enjoy

How We Pick the Best New Online Casinos

To pick the best new online casinos we check out every aspect of their operation. We look at everything from the game selection they are offering to the level and type of security they feature. Some new casinos offer different unique options and some are built to specialize in a particular type of gaming.

For example, some were built to host the most live table games and may offer tournaments on a regular basis for players to enjoy. In another new online casino, you may find that they were designed to host several pokies that include more than a thousand titles to choose from. In either of these situations, we would be looking at different aspects of their operation before we ever presented their casino information to all you players coming to visit us here at Casino Maxi.

For the live table tournament type casino, we would be looking at the type of live security they offer and make sure that the encryption level and reputation of the software security designer and producer are all of the highest quality and best reputations. That is because we know that when you go to sit at a live table, your system is linked to a host along with a few other strangers and you never want anyone taking advantage of that slight connection to use it to their advantage for playing or planting anything malicious using it. So we would look to make certain that the layers of security that that particular casino utilizes are up to snuff, so to speak, and that it is of a high enough quality to securely host these types of games.

On the other hand, for the pokie based new online casino we would just be making sure that they are able to pay out the big jackpots offered on their site without bankrupting them because nothing would be worse than winning that life-changing jackpot only to have the casino dissolve because of it and not pay you out a cent for your winnings. This has happened to players in the past and we are adamant about never letting you experience anything like this is your online casino gaming experienced by our recommendations and promotions.

As you can see, each casino type and the title is unique. They all need to have different aspects scrutinized and checked to make sure they have the premium characteristics of a high-quality, top-notch, newest features that make them a stand-out new online casino amongst the many competitors being released around the same time. There are constantly new online casinos coming out and making themselves available to game on, but do you really know how much you can trust each one?

Well, when you find them through our site’s pages here at Casino Maxi, you can trust and believe that they are of the most respectable quality level. If you see them here, then we have done the work and we approve of the software, hardware, services, reputation, security measures, banking options, game selection, sportsbook odds selection, and everything else involved in their entire system. This means we show you only the best of the best and you can trust what you see here on Casino Maxi is the best you will find anywhere.

Are new casinos safe?

Any new casino you find promoted or recommended here on Casino Maxi is safe and trustworthy. We spend an exorbitant amount of time researching and testing every new online casino being offered to all kiwi gamers. That is because we seek to bring you only the most trustworthy, capable, secure, and player-friendly new online casinos to hit the internet. Even if you do not trust in a new and relatively unproven online casino, you can trust our work and methods for testing and researching every aspect of these new casinos and you can believe that we have done the work necessary to prove that they are of the most premium quality when it comes to every aspect, with an emphasis on security and player friendliness.

We understand that they are all businesses that are looking to make money themselves through the slight house edge they have on each game they offer. That is why these are quantity businesses that only come out on top over long periods and with a huge number of players using their system. So, we spend the time to make sure that they can handle the big payouts, that their security is the most up to date software available, that they are licensed by trustworthy jurisdictions, that they are legally allowed to offer their services to New Zealanders, and that everything else about a new casino is of superior quality when compared to older casinos.

Every new online casino to get released should be a part of advancing the gaming industry one step further into a better and safer future and we make sure that we only promote and recommend those casinos that uphold this shared view of the way the online gaming industry is supposed to be moving. The internet is littered with failed attempts and less than reputable online casinos. We here at Casino Maxi make sure that what you find on our site can be trusted through and through. That every aspect of a site on our pages has been seriously inspected, tested, and researched is a point of pride from our staff.

Our visitors enjoy the fact that they can rest assured that any new online casino they see on our pages is the cream of the crop and has been individually tested before being approved by our staff. Multiple staff members will have taken multiple hours trying out every part of a new online casino and other staff members have been simultaneously tasked with checking into the background of the host of the new casino site.

We make sure that we do not miss anything and leave no stone unturned. When we present you with a new online casino on our pages, you can confidently click on their page and get gaming right away with the peace of mind of knowing that Casino Maxi has your back and has vetted that site through a rigorous testing process before we put the link or information up on our site for you to see and click on. Only the best and most secure new online casinos will ever make it onto our pages.