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When you want to begin gaming there is one major aspect that can sometimes be a hurdle or barrier to playing what and when you want, and that is payment methods. Not every casino accepts every type of payment, so you may need to do a little searching to find a casino that allows you to use your preferred method of payment. That is why we created this page for all you kiwis; to make it easier for you to find a casino that accepts the type of payment you want to use and to understand the benefits and costs associated with using that payment method. For this example, we are looking at the payment method of Paysafecard.

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Using this method of payment, you can deposit a set amount for a card that you can purchase at a variety of retailers including supermarkets, grocers, petrol stations, and more. Plus, you can also purchase a digital version of a Paysafecard online at their website. Once you obtain the card you can scratch off the covering that hides the 16-digit PIN for the card itself. This is the number you need to make your deposit with.

What using Paysafecard allows you to do is to use a more anonymous source of funding for filling your bankroll at an online casino because it is a less traceable source of funding, that is if you paid for your card using cash at a store, then it is relatively untraceable where your online casino bankroll money came from. This is an appealing concept to some gamers who like to remain as anonymous as possible. Although, since you still must register the card on the Paysafecard online network before using it, the anonymity is lower than one might hope for.

It is a great way for those who do not have access to regular methods of payment for depositing funds and gaming online as it gives them a way to accomplish this task easily, using only cash. The problem these folks may run into is in the withdrawal because as of now there is no way to withdraw funds using the Paysafecard payment platform.

Pros and Cons of the PaySafeCard Payment Method


  • Makes it possible to deposit money into an online casino using physical cash as the basis for that payment.
  • Simple and easy for all kiwis to use for adding money to their online casino bankroll and begin gaming as soon as possible.
  • Once you confirm an active 16-digit Paysafecard PIN number, your account will instantly be credited that amount of money and it will also post immediately to your online casino bankroll. This makes it a great method of payment for those who want an extra layer of security between their financial information and the online casino.


  • You cannot purchase odd amounts, only the set amounts of €10, €25, €50, €100 and the equivalent amounts in $NZ.
  • You also cannot combine multiple Paysafecard numbers for any single online casino account. Now, you can add more Paysafecard vouchers that you purchase to the Paysafecard number that you have registered, but you cannot use multiple Paysafecard account numbers in any one single online casino account for depositing funds to your bankroll.

Depositing with PaySafeCard

To deposit using Paysafecard you start by purchasing a voucher at a variety of different retailers like grocery stores, supermarkets, petrol stations, and others. Then, once you have a voucher you can add it to your Paysafecard account. To set up a Paysafecard account you need to go online and register yourself for an account through their website. All you need to complete the registration is some basic info like name, email address, physical address, and similar bio information.

When you have your account set up, you can then load the voucher you purchased at the retailer, or on their website, into your account to use for a deposit into an online casino or for online purchases of any kind. You will be given a 16-digit PIN that you use as a credit card number to add funds or make purchases. So, once your account is set up and loaded with funds, next you can go to your chosen online casino’s payment/deposits page and chose the Paysafecard method for making your deposit.

Then, all you need to do is choose the amount you want to deposit that is equal to or less than the amount you have loaded into your Paysafecard account and use the 16-digit PIN that you were given that relates to your account in the space provided. Finally, the funds will immediately transfer from your Paysafecard account to your online casino bankroll and you can begin gaming with it right away.

Withdrawing with PaySafeCard

Currently, there is no way to withdraw using Paysafecard. You can only do deposits and you must have another plan for withdrawing your bankroll funds. Some people deposit using Paysafecard and then request a paper check be mailed to them when they do not have any digital financial resources or simply do not want to utilize these resources for their online casino gaming for whatever reason.