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When you want to begin gaming there is one major aspect that can sometimes be a hurdle or barrier to gaming with what, where, and when you want to play; that obstacle is payment methods. Not every casino accepts every type of payment. This means that you may need to do a little searching to find a casino that allows you to use your preferred method of payment.

That is why we created this page for all you kiwis/gamers out there; to make it easier for you to find a casino that accepts the type of payment you want to use and to understand the benefits or costs associated with using that payment method. For this example, we are looking at the payment method of using Skrill to make deposits and withdraws from your online casino accounts.

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Skrill is an ideal E-wallet to use for gambling for a couple of reasons. First, it is a great middle-man system between you and an online casino. For those who do not appreciate the idea of sharing their financial details with some anonymous online entity like a casino, for example, the Skrill system is a great way to let them avoid this situation altogether. When you use your Skrill E-wallet to make a deposit in an online casino, all you are giving the casino in the way of information is your Skrill account details which is typically just the email address associated with your Skrill account.

People have been using Skrill to gamble in online casinos since 2001, but back then they were known as MoneyBookers. They are based in the UK and have at one time been considered one of the fastest-growing private equity entities in the UK; back in 2010 the Sunday Times gave them this title and it seemed to stick with them for a couple of years. Being that it is based in the UK you can place a bit more trust in their business practices as the laws in that country are stricter than they are in some other less scrupulous countries.

All money transfers and transactions conducted on the Skrill platform must get authorization by the FCA-UK (Financial Conduct Authority of the United Kingdom). Do not worry, however, because this happens instantaneously in most cases and it will not hold up your deposits or withdrawals from any online casino. This puts a Skrill at an advantage over some other money transfer services because of the reputation of the authorities they answer to and how respectable they are.

This is one of the major appeals of using Skrill as a payment method, a degree of anonymity between you and the casino along with a layer of protection against less than trustworthy internet sites. Although, if you stick to our toplists of great casinos to game with, then you should not run into those kinds of problems because we thoroughly vet every site before adding it to any of our toplists. This means you can have some trust in the online casino sites you see recommended here on Casino Maxi.

Depositing with Skrill

For all the kiwi gamers out there, you can take advantage of using a Skrill account by first signing up on their website for an account and depositing money into it using a credit card, debit card, direct bank transfer, or wire. Once deposited, these funds become available for you to use immediately, and you can then use them to deposit into a New Zealand online casino of your choice simply, securely, and quickly.

You do this by using just the email address and password associated with your Skrill account and not your direct bank details or credit/debit card information, which provides you an added layer of security by not handing out personal financial details or credit/debit card numbers. That kind of info can get intercepted or otherwise stolen when you send it out across the internet to any kind of site, not just online casino sites. Which is part of what is so appealing to Skrill for many gamers out there the added security.

Withdrawing with Skrill

To withdraw to Skrill, you simply provide your email address associated with your Skrill account to the casino using their withdrawal section of the site. Then, once you confirm this information, they can process the transaction which Skrill will instantly make available to you. Make sure you check on the details about time delays the site may have for processing withdrawals though because some sites take up to 72 hours to process your payment through their system. Once they release it you will see it become a deposited addition to your Skrill account balance.