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When you want to begin gaming there is one major aspect that can sometimes be a hurdle or barrier to playing what and when you want, and that is payment methods. Not every casino accepts every type of payment, so you may need to do a little searching to find a casino that allows you to use your preferred method of payment. That is why we created this page for all you kiwis; to make it easier for you to find a casino that accepts the type of payment you want to use and to understand the benefits and costs associated with using that payment method. For this example, we are looking at the payment method of Visa.

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Visa is a financial giant that has been around for many decades of supplying quality financial services to people worldwide. This American financial institution has been providing people access to their funds since 1958 and has only grown exponentially in size since they began. The number of financial products and services they offer is extensive and includes debit cards, credit cards, pre-paid debit cards, and even gift cards.

All these types of cards can be used to deposit funds into an online casino, as long as you find the casinos that accept each type. Most online casinos will accept both Visa debit and credit cards along with usually accepting pre-paid debit cards too, but less than all of these will accept a gift card to add value to your online casino bankroll to use for gaming with.

If you already have one of their products, and chances are that if you have a bank account somewhere that you probably do have a Visa product to access it, then you can use that as your funding source for supplying your online casino account with funding through means of a deposit.

Making a deposit using Visa products is simple, secure, and swift. There are many protections in place for your Visa card that include no liability for unauthorized charges. This means that if anyone were to steal your visa card’s information and attempt to make purchases, then Visa will not charge you for these transactions. They will credit your account back the missing amount and investigate the source of the transactions in order to prosecute the perpetrator of the fraud. What this does for you is that it makes it much easier to be confident in your transactions and deposits in any one of the vast majority of online casinos that accept Visa for making deposits by being safe and secure.

One major attraction to making a deposit using Visa products is that you can make the largest deposits possible using this method and can add up to a maximum deposit of $5,000NZ into your online casino account with a minimum of usually around $10NZ. This makes it a favorite method of many high rollers and average players alike, which is exactly what Visa was made to be, a financial product solution made for everyone to use, no matter their financial status.

The only real downfall you will find to depositing to an online casino using Visa products is that you may be charged a 2-3% fee to make the transaction. While this is a negligible amount in most cases, it can add up if you are depositing excessively large amounts repeatedly into an online casino to game with and you may be charged the fee again upon withdrawing your funds back out from the online casino.

Depositing with Visa

To make a deposit using Visa products you just need to access the online casino of your choosing and their payment/deposit page and enter your bio information along with the card’s number, expiration date, and CVC security code. Once you filled out the form on the Visa deposits page and included all this information along with the amount of $NZ you want to deposit, you simply click the “Finish” or “OK’ button usually located at the bottom of that page to process your transaction request.

As long as you have that much as an available balance in your corresponding account for that Visa card, then you will have that much money deposited into your online casino account immediately and it will be available for you to game with within seconds. It is not only one of the most secure methods with the highest level of safety features available, but it is super quick in processing payments too.

Withdrawing with Visa

To make a withdrawal using your Visa card product, you simply need to provide your bio info and card information to the casino on the withdraw funds page they provide after choosing Visa as your withdraw option. Although, many online casinos that accept Visa for deposits do not offer it as a withdrawal method. So, you should always do your research into an online casino to make sure that you are able to deposit and withdraw funds simply, securely, and quickly by having a planned method for each type of transaction.

If they do offer Visa products as a withdrawal option, then after you provide your bio info like name and address/postal code and your card info like the number, expiration date, and CVC code you can then choose the amount you wish to withdraw from your online casino account’s bankroll. When you finalize the transaction by clicking “OK” or “Finish”, your transaction will process immediately, but you will most likely have to wait up to 3-5 business days before your funds will post to that account and be available for you to spend elsewhere.