Asian Slots

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Asian slots make up a larger portion of slot titles than nearly any other genre. It is not unheard of to find a casino, either online or a physical casino, which has up to 25% of their slot games be of an Asian themed slot genre. A reason for this could be that Asians make up a substantial portion of all the human population on Earth, numbering in the billions. Plus, their culture is big on travel and seeing the world, so casinos may see a large number of Asian tourists seeking to find something familiar to play on in a strange and new location.

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Then again, maybe it is just the fact that the culture is so interesting and full of character that it makes for easy and appealing features that everyone wants to experience or be a part of. Whatever the reason is, Asian slot games have carved out a large niche of the slot game market and are here to stay. You can look for all the major game design studios to release Asian slot titles on a regular basis and can expect some very high-quality gaming opportunities to come from them too.

What are Asian Slot Games

Slot games often have themes that they stick with and that entire genres are created around. One of these themed genres that is extremely popular is based around the Asian slots. These types of slots all have some general things in common such as color scheme and audio tracks. To start with, most Asian slots feature a color scheme that is easy on the eyes, so those multiple hours-long marathon gaming sessions will be less likely to induce a headache in the end than some of the other, flashier types of slots. They will usually have a color base of reds and golds because these are the colors that stand for strength, fortune, and luck in the Asian culture. That is why many Asian themed slot games that you will come across in both online casinos and brick and mortar versions will feature this basic color pattern to them and this can even be an identifying feature that will draw you in as you walk a casino floor.

The next common theme with Asian slots is the soundtracks. They often feature softer and mellower mood music without the crashing, banging, exploding sound effects of some other slot genres. Asian themed slots are softer on the ears and easier on the mood. They do not intend for the player to be flush with adrenaline to continue playing based solely on sound effects because the rush we get from playing these types of slots comes from other features like the jackpots, frequency of payouts, and other aspects that are more substantive than superlative.

Some other common themes of this genre include the symbols and visuals you will encounter. First, there is the ever-present dragon that is often jade colored and represents power, fortune, and honor. These are all great traits that a good slot player is hoping to accomplish in their gaming time and with their bankroll. They want the power that winning a fortune will bring them and honor the games that get them there. That is the point of seeing a jade dragon repeatedly across many Asian slots.

You will also catch a lot of gold bullion, gold coins, and koi fish in many of the Asian slot games you come across. That is because all of these are symbols of wealth and fortune which is exactly what everyone is seeking when they play these types of slot games. Other symbols you may encounter are the lovable panda bear, martial arts weapons, and intensely beautiful Asian scenery. All of these are representative of some aspects of Asian culture and no slots based on that culture would be complete if they left these things out of the visual components of their games.