Classic Slots

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Classic slots are the favorite of many gamers. The reason for this is their elegant simplicity makes for an easy to understand but still are able to keep you fully engaged and they have the ability to keep you on the edge of your seat for hours upon hours of gaming sessions. There are many different types and setups of classic slots, but they all have some characteristics in common. These similar aspects amongst all classic slots are that they feature a limited number of symbols and simple, easy to understand paytables that you can easily memorize, even in a short gaming session.

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The reason they only have a small number of distinct symbols is that they are based on the old “one arm bandit” style slots that our grandparents used to play back in their hay day. These mechanical slot machines had limited space for containing a variety of symbols because they were based on actual wheels that spun around and could only hold 6 to 8 different symbols due to their size constraints.

Although the newer versions that are produced through video slots can have an unlimited number of symbols, they tend to stay around 10 or less different symbols in order to keep the game simple and easy to follow. The only reason game designers even added more symbols to the original classics was that people wanted some higher possible payouts like they had available on some of the newer slot games that have been released since the switch between mechanical slots to video slots took place.

The paytables of classic slots are very straightforward and do not contain any extras, bonuses, or bells and whistles of any kind. They are based on simple matching principles of getting more than one of the same symbols on the base payline, which is another way that classic slots are all similar and are different than other slot games. They only have one to four paylines that cut straight across the reels, not diagonal or bouncing all around in any number of patterns like modern slot games paylines do.

Classic Slots History

Classic slots started back in the early 20th century with the mechanical one arm bandit machines that some people still think of when they hear the term slot machine. Even though the design of slots has advanced well beyond these primitive machines, the original layout and operational features of the first types of slot machines are still popular to this day.

Many people enjoy classic style slots as they offer a simple elegance that is easy to follow while still bringing the player some nail-biting excitement. The typical classic slot is a 3-reel, 3-row, and approximately 7-symbol slot machine, and even the most current versions are made to resemble the same exact look and feel as those old steel box and wheel designed slot games of yesteryear.