Fruit Machines

A classic Slot Machine Game

The classic style of fruit machine slots is still popular to this day. They were some of the first types of slots to ever exist where you try to land combinations of matching picture symbols that represented cherries, oranges, grapes, watermelons, and other fruit-like characters. They are pure and simple which gives the player a relaxing experience mixed with short spurts of adrenaline rushes as the wheels spin and players come close to or land on those matching pairs of symbols.

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The feel of fruit machine slots hasn’t changed much at all over the years, even with all the major changes and innovations to slot games, in general, the popularity of fruit machine slots has stayed the same, and game designers tend to stick with the same layout as the original machines. That is because they have held their popularity for over a century now and if something works well for that long then there will always be a niche within the market carved out just for it, and fruit machine slots have that solid niche all to themselves.

Are Fruit Machines and classic slots the same

Fruit machines and classic slots are similar genres and often the line is blurred. Some games overlap into both types of games and can be both classic slots and fruit machines both. Classic slots, however, can have other payout symbols other than just fruit whereas fruit machines only have the fruit symbols with the occasional bell symbol. This is because both types of slots are based on the original one arm bandit slot machines from the early 20th century. That was back when all you won from a slot machine was flavored gum. The fruit symbols represented which flavor of gum you won a piece of with three matching fruit symbols.

Then, along came the bell symbol and the blurred lines between a “gum dispensing machine” as the creator Mr. Fey called them and real gambling slot machines. With the addition of the bell came the opportunity to win something other than flavored gum and it was often up to the shop owner what that prize was. To locals, it may be a dime or nickel while to others it would be a hard candy or another innocent prize that wouldn’t be considered a gambling prize that was illegal and could get the player and proprietor both in hot water with the law.

Playing Fruit Machine Slots

To play a fruit machine slot you have to do very little yourself. Everything runs on its own and all you have to do is hit the spin button for online versions or pull the arm down on the side of the machine for physical slot machines. The only other thing that you must do with online fruit machine slots is to choose the amount of your wager.

Some of the modern contemporary fruit machine slots let you choose between one and three paylines on top of this, but the classic design only includes the one main center payline that counts for winning anything. You must land a combination of matching symbols within that single payline to win and since there are a limited number of symbols, the paytable can be very easily memorized so you know exactly what you are winning before the game even shows you most of the time.