New Slots 2020

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All of us kiwis who game in online casinos are often offered new slot titles to play from all the major game design studios, and we are also offered new titles from some of the smaller independent ones just as often. This is great for those of us who get bored easily and want to play something new, even though that with the hundreds – if not thousands – of slot game titles in the libraries of many online casinos it would be hard to play every title out there, some of us have conquered this feat.

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The new game titles are wonderful additions and they keep pushing the envelope further and further out of the boundaries of what we thought to be possible by offering some magnificent new cutting edge features and functions. There is everything from new types of bonus rounds that we get to interact with and our decisions actually affect the outcome/response from the game and it gives us a whole new way to use our skills to produce winning results, all the way to basic layout changes like cascading tiles and exploding combinations. Those were both unheard-of features just a matter of a couple of years ago.

There is no telling what the major studios like NetEnt, Microgaming, Thunderkick, and others will come out with next, and we for one look forward to each new title to get released so that we can be the first to play. Then you have the smaller independent studios who come out with some wild games that hardly resemble what we know and think of when we think of slot games. Long gone are the days of simple fruit slots and now we are in the era of packing in as much action, adventure, animation, and all out exciting aspects of new slot titles.

If you are a fan of innovative slot designs, then you are as lucky as a kid on a shopping spree in a candy shop because the frequency of new slot titles being released means that nearly weekly – or even more often than that – we are bombarded with new games to play. There is no shortage of new animated, 3D, 5-reel or 3-reel, classic style fruit symbol slots or brand new wild character symbols, and many other new options that the game design studios base these new games off of while trying to come up with new ways to surprise those of us experienced slot game players who know all the old tricks, features, and functions of the old slot game designs.

Finding the newest slot games to play

To find the newest games available for playing in any online casino you have a couple of options. The first route that most casinos possess is a simple filter when looking at their library of slot titles. There are other filters like how many reels a game has, pop culture titles, or even by game design studio. They often have many different ways to filter out your slot titles and organize what you are looking at when it comes to slot titles, newest to oldest being one of the most common organizing online casino slots library filters.

The next way you can go about figuring out which titles are the newest in a library is by jumping out to a separate window or tab and going to each individual design studio’s webpage. Once on their pages, you can easily figure out which titles were released most recently, with the added bonus of being notified about the next releases about to come out and see all their details along with a preview/promotional video usually.

Another great way to stay up to speed on the newest slot titles being released is to keep a close eye on signup/welcome bonuses for new online casinos. Many times new releases will be a part of these bonuses in the form of free spins for that specific game title only and this is a common way for design studios to promote their newest titles to all gamers on the internet.

These three ways are by no means the only ways to stay up to date because you have things like player forums, advertisement banners placed inside other popular established slot titles, and other ways as well. When a new slot title comes out and you are a frequent enough of a gamer, then you should have been informed about it long before its release date and have been watching the library of your favorite online casino for it to show up.

Advantages of playing the Newest slot games

Playing newer titles offers the added excitement of being the first to learn about all the fantastic new features and functions that the game producing studios have revolutionized over and over. They continue to push the boundaries of what is possible and think of new ways to make the classic idea of a slot game into a magnificent new version that only resembles that of the classic versions we are used to. The advantages of playing the newest title are great, and every gamer wants to be the first to find out what the max jackpot is for a new game. We here at Casino Maxi just hope either you or us are the ones who get to learn exactly what this amount is first. So, good luck and play on!