Real Money Slots

The Best Places to Play Real Money Slots Online

Few things in this world compare to the rush and thrill of landing a big jackpot on a slot machine game for a large payout in real currency. That is why real money slots are so popular and why so many of us gamers are hooked on the excitement and adrenaline they build inside you as you play spin after spin. Real money slots are hundreds of millions of dollars a year industry that grows every year. There are so many players around the world that playing real money slots is a trend that will continue to expand and innovate for many years to come.

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The invention of gaming on the internet changed the way punters all over the world function and real money slots were a major innovation in that explosion of technology. Then, the number of gamers keeps increasing creating a demand for new games and exciting features that have never been seen before. Who knows where the real money slots industry will go next? We are just as excited to find this out as you are.

The types of slots you can play for real money are seemingly endless because the variety is enormous. You can play 3-reel, 5-reel, classic fruit, 3D, animation, pop culture, or any other of a number of genres of slot games for real money on the internet today and this is the first time in history that gambling has become so available to so many gamers worldwide. The instantaneous access to thousands of slot titles is unprecedented and the gaming world has come a long way from the penny and nickel fruit symbol mechanical slots your great-grandpa would play at the tavern a century ago.

We here at Casino Maxi are definite fans of this expansion of access because it gives us the ability to try out brand new slot games pretty much every day. If you were a new gamer and wanted to try out a new slot title each day, then it would take you more than 5 years to go through all the ones already available, and who knows how many would be created in that period for you to try out after finishing up with the ones that have already been released.

That just goes to show how many game titles there are that you can play for real money with. We hope to be your home for finding all the latest titles and best slot games in your favorite category too. What we do is break down all the information on any new release so you will be the most informed slots player you can be when you frequent Casino Maxi for all your slot related news.

Picking the Best Real Money Slots

When it comes to picking the best real money slots there are a few key aspects you must consider that will help identify which are the best and which are just average. The first of these identifiers is the RTP or Return To Player. This is a percentage that shows you on average how much of your money you should be able to win back if you played the game long enough. It will never be 100% because the house has to have an edge and make some guaranteed money, or they would never host that game. A great slot title will have an RTP of around 97%. Now, this does not mean that you will only lose 3% of your wagered money, but in the long-run average that is what should be the eventual outcome. The higher the RTP the more often you should hit a payout or the larger the wins that will occur are, meaning you will be paid out more on a slot title with a 97% RTP than one with a 95% RTP, but again this is no guarantee.

Another identifiable aspect of a great slot title when playing for real money is the player reviews. You can find great reviews of new and classic slot titles right here on Casino Maxi that will help you understand what a game has to offer and its benefits or drawbacks. There are plenty of sites out there that offer similar reviews, but with those guys, you can never tell who is being compensated in some way for drawing in players to a particular game or studio and therefore are creating inflated or downright misleading reviews of their games. We at Casino Maxi only present true, fair, and completely honest reviews of slots and all other games as well. We strive for excellence and seek to be your go-to stop for all things online casino related so we promise to only bring you the best reviews of all the best game titles including real money slots.

A few other ways you can choose to rank the real money slot titles are by their features such as a number of pay lines, ability to choose pay lines, the bonus rounds and amount of free spins within them, or there are also the extra bonus games that pop up at certain points during regular gameplay and offer you more chances to win it big. All of these are key aspects of a great slot title and if you need to know this info about any game title, then you should check out reviews pages for that game first because we will present all of this information to you upfront and in an easy to digest form so that you can scan for the info that you find most important or interesting. Our site will always steer you in the right direction towards only the best real money slot game titles.