RTP Online Slots

Finding the best Slots with the Best RTP

The slots with the highest RTP are usually some of the most popular titles online. They attract players of all skill levels in the hopes of taking advantage of the decreased house edge as compared to most other slot titles. Many players see out RTPs of at least 97-98% because they believe that their odds of winning many spins and coming out on top in these games is increased to the point that winning is all but guaranteed.

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Although, all players should understand that they calculate RTP over one million spins. So, any short-term amounts are not going to reflect that number in any tangible way. You could win a whole bunch of money of a low RTP slot and in order to average out the next two or three players might lose out on more than what you won. This is the game calibrating back to the RTP line and you never know where in the swing of things any particular machine lands, even after playing on or observing another playing on that machine for hours and thousands of spins. That is the point of slot games, to be random and you never can have an expectation, or you will be let down nearly every time you play.

There are, however, some amazing slot titles out there with seriously high RTPs that will actually payout more often than other slot games. Bear in mind that these are often low variance titles as well. So, while you may win more spins than you lose, the amount you win may not even equal that of your wager, which means it is still a net loss for most spins. The RTP only counts if you had the bankroll and time to manage playing one million spins.

What is RTP

RTP stands for Return To Player and is the calculated amount that a player would win back from their betted portion of their bankroll after playing a slot game for one million spins. It can also refer to table games and other casino games, but in those, it is usually referred to and represented as odds and varies by the type of wager being placed in that game. Back to slots, they all feature an RTP of around 95-96% on average but can go as high as 99% or as low as 90-91% depending on the game. Another aspect to remember is that the RTP does not affect the variance of a game and a 98% RTP can be either one of a high-variance or a low-variance type of game.

RTP basically boils down to what the player’s side of the house edge is. The remaining percentage leftover when subtracting the RTP number from 100% is the house edge. This means that if you wagered one thousand NZD over one million spins on a 95% RTP slot title, then you should, theoretically, of course, end up with approximately nine hundred and fifty NZD in the end, but there can often be large swings over and under that amount and this is where individual players either win or lose their money. In an upswing, a player can win it big and hit a major jackpot, but then the next thousand players must lose most or all of their money in order to balance out this theoretical calculation until it levels back into that originally calculated RTP number.

List of the biggest games with high RTP

There are a few slot titles out there that are the favorite go-to games for experienced players. These games feature high RTP and the two characteristics are not mutually exclusive, meaning they do relate to one another. The greatest of these games are represented in a few titles such as:

Blood Suckers – With an RTP of 98%, this slot game is based on fighting off a host of bloodthirsty vampires who are looking to turn you into either one of their own or their next meal. As you dodge and escape their clutches and advances you are afforded the opportunities to win some large payouts fairly often without the big downturn periods to make up for it because the RTP is so high that these extended times of losses are not necessary. The game also has a number of magnificent special features and a bonus game that only contribute to the possible winnings you could earn while playing this incredible slot game.

1429 Uncharted Seas – Boasting an RTP of 98.5% Uncharted Seas has you set sail in an ocean voyage adventure full of mystical creatures and stoic characters who join you in your quest to experience the unknown seas of the world in an era of time when half the world was an unknown entity just barely being discovered. It features some great special bonus options like the ship symbol that doubles as the wild symbol of this slot that can represent any other symbol to earn you a big win other than the scatter symbol of the compass. Get enough of the compass symbols to appear on your screen and you enter the free spin bonus round where your winnings are sure to pile up and become quite the additional load to carry with you as you continue along your exploratory trip across the oceans towards brand new worlds full of riches and danger.