Scatter Symbol

What it is and how it works

The scatter symbol holds the secret keys to heaven. When you have enough of them you get to see the gigantically enormous payout winning bonus rounds full of free spins and multipliers. In fact, they let you engage in so many special features that they deserve a page all to themselves here on Casino Maxi. We want to introduce you to the games that offer the most for their scatter symbols and games where the most powerful symbol is taken seriously. These are the games where you get to not only enter entirely new realms of gaming technology due to landing just a couple of scatter symbols, but they are also the games that progressively get better the more scatter symbols appear on the reels.

$100 Welcome Bonus + 70 Free Spins
150% Up To NZ$200
100% Up To NZ$1000
100% Up To NZ$1000
100% Up To NZ$1600
100% Up To NZ$1200
$600 Welcome Bonus + 200 Free Spins
100% Up To NZ$350

Although some games with some great special features and bonus rounds do not care if you land three or you land all five reels with scatter symbols on them somewhere, you get the same amazing and wonderful results of getting access to some wildly fantastic game functions. These games offer so much in their bonus features and extra mini-games wrapped within the base game that we would be remiss to not point out to you and present to you on this page of the best games with scatter symbols.

What is a scatter symbol

These symbols we call scatter symbols are simply a chosen character or symbol that triggers a special feature and can win while scattered about the reels. They, typically, do not need to be in any special order or even within the same payline in order to trigger something like a free spins bonus round or a special separate mini-game. They can be any preassigned symbol the game chooses and sometimes they even include the word scatter within them so there can be no mistaking what they are.

You will always want to know when you land enough of them on the screen to begin some tremendously gigantic payout winning features. They are the kinds of phenomenal aspects of any slot game that you want to know when you hit it so you can get on the edge of your seat, strap yourself in, and prepare yourself for what is about to happen. The wins will roll in when you land enough scatter symbols and sometimes the more scatter symbols you land means the more remarkable the feature is that you will have unlocked with them.

Does a game with a scatter symbol pay better

Slot games with scatter symbols tend to have much more intense and extraordinary features. These features are made possible and unlocked by the scatter symbols themselves making an appearance en masse on the reels after a spin has taken place.

This means that with scatter symbols, an entirely new world of special feature possibilities was born and conceived to become what we now know as some of our favorite aspects to many slot games like the free spins bonus rounds and secondary mini-games that have the potential to payout humongous winning amounts to the players lucky enough to see the scatter symbols appear in large numbers anywhere on the reels.