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Starting as early as the 1970s an innovation in slot design started taking place. At that time, slot game designers attempted to break away from the 3-reel, one-arm bandit, mechanical style slot machines that our great grandparents played on for decades before that point and began creating something new. That new slot game style was the beginning of what became our video slots of today. Early models were not very popular due to people not trusting a Random Number Generator (RNG) to provide them with a fair gaming experience, so it took a while for video slots to catch on and become the ultra-popular versions we know and love in today’s casinos.

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Eventually, game designers were able to produce high-quality video animations coupled with intense sound effects, plenty of special features, and bonus round games into the video slot games they were building. These models began to take a foothold in the slot game industry and soon video slots were born, and a revolution took place in the slots world.

What are Video Slots

Video slots are computerized versions of slot machines that function using an RNG to control the outcome of their games spins and a video screen that displays the game’s symbols that land through animated spins. They are often 5-reel games now instead of the original 3-reel versions that were played on the mechanical slot games of the past. These new versions of slots also feature some other wonderful aspects in the form of bonus games. These can be as simple as a set of free spins that play out as normal rounds of the game only without charging you for your wager for a set number of spins and are triggered by landing a set number of a given symbol in any regular paid spins outcome.

They can also be as complex as completely different games where you need to make choices to make the game move along and either earn yourself some major winning payouts or just end abruptly due to the choices you made being either the correct ones or the incorrect ones. Giving the player control over the bonus games is a rather recent innovation and we here at Casino Maxi are looking forward and paying attention so that we do not miss the next great innovation in video slot game design so that we can bring it to you and present you with the fantastic features of the future.

Reasons to play video slots over traditional slots

The reasons to play video slots are as endless as the possibilities they open up over traditional slot designs. Originally, slots were limited to 3-reels and just a low number of different symbols with an equally low set number of paylines. This all changed with the invention of video slots and the ability to create a vastly larger number of symbols in a slot game and using an RNG the slot game designers were able to build slot games filled to the brim with newfound special features and bonus games.

These new features have opened up an entire world of new possibilities to gameplay that was never before even considered possible. These new features give players more to pay attention to and look forward to and also more ways for them to win through the game’s regular gameplay. All of this is plenty enough reason to adopt the video slot setup and game solely on the new versions of slot games in order to advance the industry through pure demand for new products.