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If you love to play games of pure chance and all the aspects that controlling your bets/betting strategy can offer to an online kiwi gamer, then you probably are already familiar with the uber-popular virtual roulette wheel. On the other hand, if you are not yet familiar with this incredibly entertaining and engaging game, then now is the time to familiarize yourself with all that it offers gamers of every skill and experience level.

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It is a game of chance, but the way you approach what you can control in an uncontrollable situation reflects a lot on the type of player you are. Do you go for the inside bet and the big win by taking on the more risky places on the table, or do you go for the outside bet and expect to make your riches off of the sheer volume of winning spins? Each reflects a different attitude towards the game and a unique approach to betting. The inside bets are more aggressive and enticing because of the 35 to 1 odds that offer those huge payouts, while the outside bets are more mellow and calculating by their 1 to 1 odds and therefore smaller payouts.

Then there is the column, corner, street, split, and even the line bets that you can place. Each with its own odds and have a secured place in any kiwi punters betting strategy. Maybe you are a double on wins then halve on losses bettor, or maybe you’re the opposite. There are so many opportunities and variations to betting methods that roulette offers beginners and experts something to learn and become better at. Once you begin to see this bigger picture about the game of roulette, it soon becomes a game of skill layered upon a game of pure chance.

The way this remarkable game grabs ahold of your heartbeat when the wheel starts to spin is unmatched in any other casino game. It will quickly find a corner of your heart to set up shop within as you fall in love with the entire game of roulette. Then it will grasp your brain’s need to master and understand something completely because you could never fully understand every single aspect of the game.

Following along an online wheel as it spins with the ball bouncing around in the moment’s chaos is an experience that you will have a hard time turning away from, and for good reason. The extraordinary feeling you get inside the pit of your stomach as the ball settles down and is coming closer and closer to a landing will have you giddy with excitement and laughing like a kid. Then there are the strange events that occur like a ball landing in a space almost immediately as the wheel continues to spin at full speed.

The forces at play on the roulette wheel are unbelievable sometimes and the unpredictability is what most roulette gamers either love or hate – praise or despise, but either way, they continue to play because of the pure joy it brings when it lands on a winning bet.

Types of Online Roulette

There are few variations of online roulette, and each table-wheel combination offers a slightly different benefit than the others. While there may be many roulette games, there are just 3 different tables that are played. Those are American, European, and French.

American Roulette:

The American table version of roulette is different because there are 38 spaces on the wheel instead of the typical 37 of the other versions tables. With the odds usually staying at the same 35 to 1 setup, you would think it had no benefit since there is an increase to the house’s edge because of this increase in slots, but it has its attraction to some players. The reason for attraction despite the perniciousness of the game’s increased house edge is the addition of the extra zero slot in the wheel. If you hit either of the zeros on any spin, then you can expect to lose all the bets placed on that spin except for those who bet the hard zero.

European Roulette:

The European wheel only has 37 slots, slightly decreasing the house edge from the 5.26% of the American version down to 2.7%. This means that over time the house will win less often than it would in the higher edge advantage of American roulette. You can place the same bets, however, as they lay the actual table out in a similar setup with the column, section, row, individual, color, and corner betting choices available.

Your best opportunity for winning involves creating a solid betting strategy and sticking to it. Whether you want to use the established betting strategies like the Martinez or the Martingale versions. Some involve spreading and hedging bets, while others involve methods to increase or decrease a continued stationary set of bets. Whatever you do with your roulette gaming time, you will love the increased RTP of the European wheel, especially if you are a novice roulette player.

French Roulette:

This is another wheel that only has 37 slots, with just the one zero on the board. Again, this offers an increased advantage over the American wheel, but with a slight variation to the standard European Roulette wheel. The fundamental difference is in what happens when the ball lands on the single or double zero. The single zero stands for the Impair bet, and the double zero is the Passe bet.

If the ball lands on a zero, then all bets are lost to the house, unless you placed a Pair or Manque bet. In which case your bet will be En Prison until the next spin decides the outcome of your bet where you might win a double or nothing bet, adding no more capital to your original bet. This adds a creative twist to the standard bets and gaming strategies. That is why it has become such a popular version of roulette for advanced players to enjoy alongside beginners placing the typical European roulette standard bets.