French Roulette

Learn How to play French Roulette

There are some unique characteristics to French Roulette that many players enjoy and that set it apart from all the other types of roulette. The main difference in French versus American or European Roulette is that you have a black 00 wedge and an even 0 wedge on the wheel. This is instead of a green wedge or two for those number designations on the other types of wheels. This is wonderful news to the outside bet placing player because it increases their odds of winning by a slight amount when they choose the red/black bet.

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It is also great for the Odd/Even bet and the 1-18/19-36 bet placers because the red 0 slot will pay out for the red bet, the even bet, and the 1-18 bets all the same at the regular 1 to 1 payout. Then, this means that the black 00 will pay out for black, odd, and 19-36 bets at the normal 1 to 1 payout ratio. So, when you place on of those three outside bets on the French Roulette table, your odds of winning are increased by about 3% over the other types of tables.

This odds advantage is what makes French Roulette the absolute favorite table/wheel combo to play on for a substantial portion of the online and real-life roulette players around the world. They enjoy getting the best odds they can manage towards beating the house at it’s own games and French Roulette is the roulette game that gives them the best odds advantage of all the roulette table/wheel combo types.

How to play roulette online

To play roulette online, you first must choose your casino and then whether you want to play a regular game or a live game. Some of the live games have a live croupier shown to you through a video feed who is running a physical, real, and live action wheel. They moderate and call when the betting is over and the spin begins, so make sure if you are playing this sort of live game that you get all your bets placed before they call out for the betting to be over or your bets will not be active on that spin. For regular games, you have an automated and animated version of a table and wheel that is run using a RNG (Random Number Generator). These are the most common games to be played in online casinos and the RNG’s in a reputable casino are third party tested on a regular basis to ensure fair play and no inherent flaws or bias in the outcome of spins in that game.

Once you pick the type of game you want to play, you next have to consider which type of table/wheel you want to play. There are the American, French, and European table/wheel combos and each are just slightly different from one another. For instance, only the American wheel has the 00 slot and therefor it has 38 spaces instead of the 37 the rest of them have. So, if you are an inside better, then this table lowers your odds of winning by about three percentage points but still pays the same exact 35 to 1 payouts that the French and European tables do for choosing the exact number that the ball lands on for that spin. So, for inside betters, you may want to choose one of the other tables to play at.

The French table has the En Prison and La Partage betting options that the other tables do not offer. These come into play when the ball lands on the 0 slot and you have the option of playing for and all or nothing win for the next spin, basically letting the bet ride out instead of the La Partage which is just losing only half of your wagered amount immediately. It also has the feature of the single zero being red and the double zero being black. The single zero also counts as an Even number bet or the classic 1-18 number bet, both with 50/50 odds and payout 1 to 1. This means that the double zero pays out for the Odd number bet and the other classic 19-36 bet. This is unique to the French Roulette table and it actually increases your odds by not being green slots that would otherwise result in a bet loss for these typical outside bets.

Now that you have chosen both your game type and the table type that you are going to play at you will be presented with a table layout with all the betting options on it that you either drag your click your chips into the respective position for the wager you want to place. Once you have chosen your bet or bets, then the game begins, and the wheel will begin spinning. Some animations will show the ball bouncing around with some sound effects, while most will simply show a spinning wheel followed by the thud sound effect of the ball landing and the white ball will appear in one of the wedge slots thereby making that the outcome for the spin. Your bet is either then paid out and enters your bankroll, or is taken away and cleared off the table, depending on if you won or lost the wager for that spin. Then, the next session begins with a clear table and you can again place your bets for the following spin.