High Stakes Roulette

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High stakes roulette is the game choice for many high rollers who are looking to place some rather large bets on their roulette table. The online version is just like the brick and mortar one as they both have the exact same wager setup pattern so that no one gets confused and misplaces one of those extra-large bets. Players of all skill levels enjoy an equal opportunity to win with equal chances. The only thing that sets winning high-roller gamers apart from their unsuccessful counterparts is a game plan for their wagering. Some have set moves they will make in a given situation, some choose a pattern to the bets they place, and some play on the fly and bet randomly based on their intuition. These last gamers are usually playing on their own possession of lucky energy while the other gamers are playing on the mathematical odds and are trying to beat the house at their own game with the odds stacked against them.

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Whatever their betting scheme, high-rollers enjoy high stakes roulette because of the rush and thrill they receive by putting large denominations of cash on the line in the hopes of eventually striking it richer by winning some major odds winning wagers. They live for the adrenaline of watching that little white ball as it randomly bounces around and lands in a random slot on the wheel with a resounding thud sound that is unmistakable – especially in online roulette tables because they all tend to use that same sound effect so it is familiar and either soothing or nerve wracking depending on the type o player you are and the amount you have wagered on that particular spin.

Some high rollers use high stakes roulette to practice for live action casino trips, thinking they might learn to catch trends in spin outcomes or learn better patterns of betting that have higher odds of winning and beating the house at its own game. Whatever type of player you are, however, there is not much on planet Earth that beats the thudding heart beat throbbing in your eardrums as you wait for that little white ball to slam down into the hold of the slot you have wagered on and then the thrilling bladder-emptying excitement of actually winning on a huge odds wager. That is why high stakes roulette is such a popular element to many online casino’s repertoire of games.

Table Variants

There are the American, French, and European table/wheel combos and each are just slightly different from one another. For instance, only the American wheel has the 00 slot and therefor it has 38 spaces instead of the 37 the rest of them have. So, if you are an inside better, then this table lowers your odds of winning by about three percentage points but still pays the same exact 35 to 1 payouts that the French and European tables do for choosing the exact number that the ball lands on for that spin. So, for inside betters, you may want to choose one of the other tables to play at.

The French table has the En Prison and La Partage betting options that the other tables do not offer. These come into play when the ball lands on the 0 slot and you have the option of playing for and all or nothing win for the next spin, basically letting the bet ride out instead of the La Partage which is just losing only half of your wagered amount immediately. It also has the feature of the single zero being red and the double zero being black. The single zero also counts as an Even number bet or the classic 1-18 number bet, both with 50/50 odds and payout 1 to 1. This means that the double zero pays out for the Odd number bet and the other classic 19-36 bet. This is unique to the French Roulette table and it increases your odds by not being green slots that would otherwise result in a bet loss for these typical outside bets.