Mobile Roulette

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People absolutely love playing mobile roulette because they can enjoy a spin or two as they wait in line at the DMV or while they sit on the bus on their way to work. Mobile roulette is played on a mobile device like your cell phone or tablet and was designed to fit these smaller sized screens while still offering the same wagering options as any other roulette table in an online or live casino. You can enjoy placing bets and watching each randomly chosen outcome for every spin in hopes of winning it big, or winning many small wins – depending on your gambling strategy and approach to roulette betting. Some folks go for those high-odds, low-paying wagers, while others are trying to hit it much bigger, although much less often, by placing their chips on low-odds, high-paying wager spaces on the table.

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Mobile roulette tables are formatted to fit your screen, and some may switch back and forth from the wagering table setup to the spinning reel with the little white ball bouncing around until it lands on a random space and the screen flashed back to the wagering table to either take your chips or payout chips to your stack depending on whether your wager won or not. They switch back and forth from the wager slot tables to the spinning reel animations seamlessly and do so to maximize the space and readability of the wagering spaces so you do not make any kind of mistake in your betting.

The designs are well thought out and appealing to look at. They can have any one of a variety of color schemes or themes, but typically they are the green felt table design with the wagering spaces in the classic pattern that we are all used to and know well. Then the reels are typically the kind that is built with wood with all the red, black, and sometimes green wedge slots evenly spaced out giving each of them equal opportunity to win a spins outcome by landing the little white ball inside of that slot.

Table Variants

There are the American, French, and European table/wheel combos, and each is just slightly different from one another. For instance, only the American wheel has the 00 slot and therefore it has 38 spaces instead of the 37 the rest of them have. So, if you are an inside better, then this table lowers your odds of winning by about three percentage points but still pays the same exact 35 to 1 payout that the French and European tables do for choosing the exact number that the ball lands on for that spin. So, for inside betters, you may want to choose one of the other tables to play at.

The French table has the En Prison and La Partage betting options that the other tables do not offer. These come into play when the ball lands on the 0 slot and you have the option of playing for and all or nothing win for the next spin, basically letting the bet ride out instead of the La Partage which is just losing only half of your wagered amount immediately. It also has the feature of the single zero being red and the double zero being black. The single zero also counts as an Even number bet or the classic 1-18 number bet, both with 50/50 odds and payout 1 to 1. This means that the double zero pays out for the Odd number bet and the other classic 19-36 bet. This is unique to the French Roulette table and it increases your odds by not being green slots that would otherwise result in a bet loss for these typical outside bets.