Scratch Cards

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One of the newest trends to hit the online casino gaming industry is the virtual scratch cards. These games mimic the scratch cards we all know and love. They are often offering some fairly big jackpots, depending on the game and price of the card. Plus, you can go through as many as you want by buying them one after another until you “scratch-off” a winning ticket. The various tickets reflect a variety of unique games that are so much fun to play that you will have to remind yourself to stick to your budget sometimes when the cards do not go your way because—just like with all online casino games—the games of chance are just that, chance. They seem to have trends of good days or bad days where you either win some prize/payout or you lose a few bucks but have a great time doing it.

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The excitement of scratching off a virtual card and getting down to where you have just one more symbol that you need to win and one last area to uncover is hard to beat. The anticipation builds and builds until you just cannot take it and have to scratch off that layer covering up the last symbol. When your symbol is there, you will jump from your seat with the joy of winning when the payout, of what is hopefully the jackpot, is enormous.

Types of Scratcher Cards and How to Play Them

There are even multiple different scratch cards you can play in online casinos. They all center on the main four types of play. The first scratch card game for you to play with is the casino game card. They base these cards around all the regular casino games you are used to – like bingo, blackjack, poker, etc.

When you play the blackjack, for example, you “scratch-off” the covering layer for both of your cards by clicking on each on or holding the mouse button down and running the pointer over that area as if it were actually peeling off the concealing layer. You get to do this and be free of the typical mess that regular scratch cards are notorious for creating. Then, after you have uncovered your two cards, you scratch off the dealer’s two cards to see if your hand won or lost that hand, i.e. that card. If you won, then they may have a set payout amount you win, a varying amount that is chosen at random and displayed in a box somewhere on the card, or a random amount that is covered up in another area that you have to scratch off to see what you won or lost on that card.

The second scratcher cards you can play within an online casino is the multiple possibilities cards. With these kinds of cards, you get more than one chance at winning a prize or payout. They typically are themed and set up in the same way. That setup is that you first scratch off the winning symbol identifier box. Once uncovered, this symbol shows you what to look for when scratching off the rest of the spaces on the card. Then you go searching for a match to that symbol or a preset number of matches that you need to have to win a payout. If you find a match or enough matches, then you win a payout that is set by the number of matches you got, set up like the other cards and you scratch off a space that uncovers the random amount that you won or lost on that card, or displayed on the card somewhere and can be the same for every card of that game or change randomly with each card.

Then there is the third scratcher cards to play with. These are the line cards. With these, you have a grid or pattern of spaces to choose from for scratching off. What you need to do is scratch off the spaces one at a time to see what the symbol is beneath it. If you get a certain chosen symbol enough times to create a full row, line, column, or another pattern, then you win and get to find out your prize. The payout can be set by the symbol that created the line with different symbols being worth distinct payout amounts or be just like the other cards and set up with either a preset or scratch off payout indicator.

Finally, there is the last scratcher card game to play is the instant win scratcher card. These are the simplest of all the scratcher card games. To win all you have to do is scratch off a single covered space or a few spaces and it will tell you whether or not you won. It can also have a varying payout amount that gets uncovered and you instantly win that amount or it will have the typical preset, pre-chosen, or random scratch-off payout indicators. You can easily blow through a larger number of these cards faster than the others. So, if you are looking for a bulk amount of cards to play and hoping to win by sheer volume, then these are the cards for you because you can play them super-fast and get through many cards in your gaming session.